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I do writing performing captioning life modelling podcasting making developing sleeping (sometimes)

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Emily strikes an ironic pose sitting on a stool, surrounded by rubbish, while wearing a sparkly dress, mascara streaked

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Like the majority of millennials sustaining their lives under capitalism, I have had many jobs.
But that does mean I've acquired a fair few transferrable skills, you betcha ya.

Comedy-wise, I'm the originator of two solo shows - Big Wendy and Poser - and have been known to do a stand-up turn on occasion.
I co-founded The Salon and am 1/3 of sketch outfit Ambush. You can watch a few things I've been in or written here.

In the realm of podcasts, I'm the co-host of The Mother Of All Losses, The Quaran-tea Party and Shot Reverse Shot,
as well as a guest on Thread Bare. If you're after a voiceover or audiobook, I can do that and all.

For labour that actually pays, I can assist, consult and develop various creative projects and endeavours, especially anything to do with words.
If you need captions, I can make and edit those - love me some accessibility.

Oh, yeah, I do life modelling too. I spend too much time on Twitter and Instagram.
Is that everything? I think that's it.

Wait! My typing score is 100 WPM.
Okay, as you were, take care, home safe!


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